Saturday, October 25, 2014

what are the best 7 websites for finding audio books?

Want to find out where the internet's best audio books are hiding out? And I'm not talking here about expensive, paid for books, not, we're discussing free, totally free, gratuit books, read to you by people with amazing voices, online, and available to you right now!

This page lists the seven best and most popular websites offering online audio books for free!

Audio books are a great way to consume a book. It takes a lot less effort than reading a paper book, and it an be combined with other activities, such as driving a car or ironing shirts. If you  find an audio book that is narrated by someone with a great voice, listening to an audiobook can be a real pleasure.

So find your book, download it or listen to it streaming, and enjoy a couple of hours of immersion in an awesome story!

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